The Last Laugh

Early morning's rolling thunder has passed, leaving behind a blanket of grey. Dawn struggles to move on; to make way for a jealous Sun to take the stage. The grey, victoriously, holds Dawn where it stands. I can almost hear laughter from the heavens, as Night looks over its shoulder, enjoying the show.


Thunder By Night

A storm rages in Mayberry tonight. Thunder rolls, and huge raindrops explode as they hit my roof. Gone are the angel kisses of this afternoon. Mother Nature seems angry tonight; She is vengeful and wild. Wind howls and my mind races with worry about tornadoes. Now and then, the wind kicks up, causing the big…


Despite the Sun's best efforts, grey wins the day, as storms thunderously roll in. There is nothing more beautiful than a Mayberry storm. Grey skies calm the soul as rain weighs heavy on pine branches. Big drops splash against my window panes whenever the wind kicks up. And the sound...oh, my God, the sound; It…