Mayberry is a place that soothes your soul with peace and quiet, your eyes with pleasure…your heart with wonder. It is a place of healing, located somewhere in rural Northeast Texas among the pines. You’ll find solace there…and love. There are no street lights or stop signs and, were you to make your way down the paved road that runs past it, you would never know it’s there. I know it sounds too good to be true, and, in some ways, I suppose it is. Whether, or not, Mayberry even exists is up to you. Because, the truth is, Mayberry lives in your heart.

This blog is about how my life has been changed, in so many ways, by this tiny place so full of blessings and peace. The first posts are older, as I have had to move away from my beloved Mayberry for just a short while. I cannot wait to return home so that I can chronicle newer days and tell you more about life, red dirt roads, and the critters that make my life worth living in this place that I call Mayberry.


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