When nightfall comes ’round, and it’s time for sleep, something deep inside of me awakens. Thoughts of life, what could be and what is, fly through my brain, as hard, and fast, as a bullet train.

I close my eyes, as tight as I can, tossing and turning amongst fluffy pillows and comfort. Yet, thoughts crash, one into another and another, and I am helpless to stop the electric visions that sparkle and crackle themselves into existence behind my weary eyes.

Things I never wanted to see again, play out before me. Transported, I am caught; locked into an experiential prison made just for me. Eyes wide open, now, unable to see what is, as my entire being is caught in the headlights of a few very long moments in time. They found me. It is mine to wait until they have finished, that I may hide from them, once more.

Finally, the butterflies come. They flutter, doing their gentle dance within my heart. I am grateful that they came for me…to save me…that I won’t be lost to the night. The vision is broken, as I flutter away with them, reveling in all that was ever good in me.

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