A storm rages in Mayberry tonight. Thunder rolls, and huge raindrops explode as they hit my roof. Gone are the angel kisses of this afternoon. Mother Nature seems angry tonight; She is vengeful and wild. Wind howls and my mind races with worry about tornadoes. Now and then, the wind kicks up, causing the big trees near my house to sway a little too much for my liking. Off and on, I peer through my window, trying to catch sight of the rainfall that I love so much, but the night is black as pitch, giving cover to all things as far as my eyes can see, save for the occasional flash of lightning.

As I lie here, amongst the pillows and comfort, I feel so grateful to be in this place. I close my eyes as the storm rages on, wholly distracted from the things that haunt me by way of dreams, yet I know they’ll arrive as soon as sleep comes to me. Alone, here in the country, means being truly alone. There is no one here to wake me from fitful sleep; no one to hold me when I wake up screaming in the night. No matter, I have taught myself to carry on, bravado at the fore, followed by all the strength I can muster. I expected to be frightened to live here like this. I am not. Because there is nothing that goes bump in the night that can rival the demons that dwell, quite comfortably, in the recesses of my mind. As I begin to drift off, I know that I will see them soon. Another battle to fight; one more to win. This is MY home. This is my place of solace. I’ll not have it any other way.


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